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Skin Care, Anti- Wrinkle Injections Filler 

  • Why should I pick this clinic ? Does it matter its a doctor?
    We always advise to go to who you trust - Its your face or body so you need to feel confident in your practitioner. At Infinity Skin Clinic - Claire Narrie is a fully qualified practicing doctor (GMC 7451827) and has completed all the additional training for all the treatments provided. She is also fully insured and the clinic is regulated and inspected regularly by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. This means patients have confidence that all services are performed at the highest standard and patient safety is of paramount importance.
  • What will happen at my appointment?
    An initial consultation must be completed which includes a full medical history and discussion about your expectations from the treatment. It can be conducted at a time before your treatment or on the day but the appointment will take slightly longer. The biggest contraindication too many of the treatments is allergies especially to injections or bees and wasp stings or previous facial surgery so if you think this may be something that might pose an issue its always good to mention at time of booking. We will go through the risks, benefits and aftercare and lots of time for you to ask as many questions as you like. Photos are taken as a legal requirement before your treatment as a before and after however it is completely optional whether you would like them to be shared. All photos and information is confidential as per the data protection act.
  • When should I plan my treatment?
    When it comes to botox and lip augmentation its always good to plan ahead! If you have an event coming up its better to have your treatment completed 3-4 weeks before. This is so your initial treatment and a review at 2 weeks can be completed before the event. We advise no make up, excessive exercise, sauna and steam rooms and alcohol for 24-48hrs as this can increase the risk of complications such as bruising and swelling High frequency is always good 24-48 hours before your event - for that beautiful "red carpet glow"
  • How do I book?
    Phone - 07342942811 Book Now button on website or under each treatment Email-
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